Nails of the Week: Rimmel ‘Loosey Goosey Dancin’

Hello everyone! I’m finally getting round to writing a nails of the week post!! Unfortunately, what with working full-time and also trying to film and upload YouTube videos, I have fallen behind on my blog posting. I’m trying my hardest to find time to come up with ideas and actually write up blog posts!! Anyway, enough with my excuses…

This week’s nails are really bright and jolly! I love this bright green shade and I thought it would be perfect for summer (although it will also be a perfect Christmas shade too…). The formula is amazing. It is so so easy to apply and is beautiful and opaque in two shades and it lasts really well without chipping too. It’s a great all-rounder. The only draw back with this colour is that it leaves a gross looking yellow tint to your finger nails and surrounding skin. I found that this was the case despite first applying a base coat! BUT this will not deter me from polishing my nails this shade. The solution is simple- just paint your nails another bright colour once you’ve removed the green to cover the gross staining!


What do you think of this week’s nails?

I will see you soon (promise!)



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