New Favourite Foundation: Revlon ColorStay

I’ve been struggling to find a foundation that works with my skin tone and skin type and it’s been driving me crazy! I have very fair, very oily skin. I have always struggled with these two problems when trying to find a decent foundation:

  1. The foundation is totally the wrong colour. Even when I choose the lightest colour in the range, it is too dark. I usually have to add the BodyShop lightening drops to my foundation, but this means buying a new bottle every few months (and costing me a small fortune!).
  2. After a couple of hours, my foundation will appear to be sat on top of a layer of oil on my skin. This not only gives my skin a horrible oily shine, but it means that the foundation becomes patchy and dirty-looking.

I began to think that maybe I just had to put up with these problems since I have such a problematic skin type. However, I have recently started looking into foundations targeted at oily skin. This one from Revlon stuck out to me as one that was affordable at the drugstore but also potentially very promising. The ColorStay foundation comes in two types, targeted at different skin types. I chose the oily/combination type but they also do one for dry skin.

Why do I love this foundation?? Simply, it provides a solution to my two problems!

  1. The colour is fantastic. Finally- a foundation that matches my pale skin!! In fact, my shade (150 Buff) wasn’t even the lightest available. They also have a pink-toned shade perfect for very very pale pink-toned skin. I love the range as a whole- there are a variety of shades, but also a variety of undertones. Fantastic!img_20160620_191354.jpg
  2. It is suited to my oily skin. This foundation sits on my skin better than any foundation I have ever tried. Yes, although my skin looks a bit oily at the end of the day, it doesn’t look as though it is sat upon a layer of oil. It doesn’t look patchy and it doesn’t look dirty. What I also love about this foundation is that, although it is great for oily skin, it isn’t totally matte. I would describe it as a satin finish, which I love. Who’d have thought it?

I’m so pleased that I have finally found a foundation that works for me. Have you ever tried this foundation? What did you think? Any other foundations that I should try??

See you all soon!

Amy xxxx



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    I haven’t tried this foundation before but I love a satin finish! It sounds really nice.



    1. asomersday says:

      yeah it’s really lovely 🙂 definitely worth a try xx


  2. This Revlon foundation sounds great. But have you tried Maybelline’s Matte Mousse foundation? The lightest shade is Light Porcelain (yes, it’s lighter than Ivory) and it’s a great shade for pale skin. Sadly I can’t use this foundation because I’ve got dry skin – but this mousse foundation is said to work wonders for ladies with oily skin. I can definitely say it’s super easy to apply and it has great coverage.


    1. asomersday says:

      yes! I used to wear this every day a few years ago. I found that it looked really unnatural though and sometimes looked cakey, even on my skin. Although now you’ve mentioned it, I’m tempted to try it again!

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