Nails Of The Week: Revlon ‘Full House’

I love love love this week’s nails!! I spotted this beautiful blue/teal nail polish in Boots and picked it up. It’s from the ColorStay Gel Envy range from Revlon in the colour ‘Full House’. I know I’m going to be getting such a lot of wear out of this one!

The Colour

The colour is beautiful. I either love or hate blue nail polishes but this one is the perfect shade of blue for me! It’s bright, but not too bright. It’s light blue without being a pastel. What I love is that it is also the perfect match for my bridesmaid’s dress which I will be wearing on Saturday!

The Formula

The formula of this polish is outstanding. I love polishes with a gel-like formula because I find that they last so much longer than normal polish formulas. This one lasted so well! I’ve worn it for a couple of days straight while working (which involves a lot of typing which can damage my nails) and there are barely any chips. On a normal week without work, I can see this lasting at least 4 days.

It also applies sooo easily!! I only applied one coat and it was totally opaque. The gel formula is quite thick so it’s almost impossible to mess up the application. There are no brush strokes whatsoever.

This polish is definitely worth the buy!! I will definitely be trying out more from this range.

See you soon!

Amy xxx



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