Huda Beauty: Liquid Matte ‘Trendsetter’

I was watching one of Lauren Curtis’ YouTube videos and I was stunned by the beautiful lip colour that she was wearing. You can find the video here. I had a look at the description box and found out that the lipstick was a liquid matte from Huda Beauty. I must admit that I had never heard of this brand before but I placed an order on Cult Beauty to get my hands on this gem!


For ages I have been looking for a rusty red lip colour. Specifically, I would love Kathleen Lights’ Ofra collaboration, ‘Miami Fever’ but unfortunately Ofra do not ship to the UK. Lauren Curtis’ lip colour looked like the type of shade that I have been looking for so I made my order despite the £18 price tag (the most that I have ever spent on a lip product!).

When the lipstick arrived, I have to admit that the colour wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It wasn’t the rusty red that I had been looking for but seemed more orange/brown in tone with a peachy look to it. Perhaps the lighting in Lauren’s video changed the colour a little?


However, I still love the lipstick. The formula is super pigmented and the colour is still very unique. It is wonderfully matte but not drying at all. It is exceptionally comfortable to wear and lasts all day long. Even after eating my lunch, the lipstick did not budge. I would highly recommend the formulation of Huda lipsticks if you are willing to accept the pricetag.




I love pairing the lipstick with coral/peachy tones on my eyes and cheeks. What do you think? Have you tried any more colours from Huda Beauty?

See you sooon….

Amy xxx


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    1. asomersday says:

      aw thank you!! xx

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