My New BeautyPie Subscription

How It Works

BeautyPie is an amazing new beauty subscription service from the brains behind ‘Soap and Glory’. The concept behind the brand is to make high-end makeup available to subscribers at factory prices. The site gives consumers two options:

  1. Purchase makeup at their retail costs (e.g. their foundation for £32)
  2. OR subscribe for £10 a month to access this makeup at a fraction of the price (the same foundation for £4.64).

Every subscriber is given a £100 allowance to spend each month. This allowance is based upon the retail costs of the products, rather than the factory costs. If you want to extend your allowance in one month, you can pay an extra £5 to extend your allowance to £150. If in any one month you do not use up your full allowance, this is carried over to the next month. The minimum subscription is 3 months so after this time, if you decide that BeautyPie isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe without incurring any charges.

If you decide to subscribe, you will notice that different shades of the same product will be sold for different prices. This is because the products are sold at their factory prices and these prices will depend upon the ingredients used to formulate the makeup. What you will also notice is how steep the markup on makeup is- £32 for a high-end foundation is quite normal.


My First Order

I think that this is such an amazing idea. It allows people the access to high quality makeup without the markup. I have placed a subscription myself and have recently received my first order.


The packaging is basic and sleek which I believe reflects the purpose of the brand. The box was wrapped up in lovely pink tissue paper and the boxes used are fully recyclable. For my first order I purchased:

  1. ‘One Powder Wonder’ translucent powder (£3.68 factory/ £26 retail)
  2. ‘Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder’ in ‘Soft Soul’ (£3.09 factory/ £26 retail)
  3. ‘Smart Powder Blush’ in ‘Peachy Dreams’ (£2.52 factory/£18 retail)
  4. ‘SuperBrow Precision Pencil’ in ‘Perfect Brown’ (£2.06 factory/ £17.00 retail)
  5. ‘FutureLipstick- Matte’ in ‘Cowboy Nude’ (£2.24 factory/£20 retail)
  6. ‘The Unbeatable Concealer’ in ‘Fair 100’ (£3.43 factory/ £20 retail)
  7. ‘Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer’ in ‘Golden Whirl’ (£2.71 factory/£20 retail)

I used up my £100 allowance so this gives you an idea of how much you can buy in one month. I bought £100 worth of makeup for £27!

My First Review

In general, I am really pleased with the makeup. My favourites are the translucent powder, the blush, the liquid highlighter and the brow pencil. The translucent powder is a lovely matte finish that doesn’t make you look flat or cakey. The blush is a gorgeous peachy shade and is very pigmented (so be careful to avoid applying too much!) and the highlighter gives a lovely soft glow to the skin. The brow pencil makes filling in my tricky brows so much easier!


The only item that I am not a fan of is the concealer. I find that it cakes up under my eyes and accentuates my lines. I also find that it doesn’t really cover up my spots. There are two products that I am not sure about- the lipstick and the moonlight radiance powder. Firstly, the lipstick isn’t really what I would call matte. To me, it is more of a soft satin finish. Otherwise, I love the shade and it is super easy to wear every day. The Moonlighting Radiance Powder is unusual- I am not sure whether or not I like it. The packaging says to use it like a highlighter. However, I find that there is little glow to this product. Because I am so fair, I can use this as a subtle bronzer all over my face. If you are any darker than me, I am not sure whether you would find a use for this as it is not pigmented enough to use as a blush and it is not glowy enough to use as a highlighter.

Overall, I am happy with my purchases. I am really excited to try some more makeup from BeautyPie over the next few months. The great thing about trying products at their factory prices is that it isn’t too frustrating if they disappoint. AND if you find a great product for a bargain price it is even better!

Have you tried anything from BeautyPie? I would love to know your thoughts.

Amy xxx


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